Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Hello my lovelies, how was your first day of 2013? Mine was wonderfully lazy, watched lots of Dr. Who. While watching the mad man and his blue box I cranked out this look for you :)

Today when I thought about doing a manicure I thought, "PINK!" What better way to start the year, very first manicure being pink. So with pink in mind I took a look-see at the 31 Day Contest to see if pink could work with the next challenge, and I thought day ten's gradient criteria would be lovely. I stamped houndstooth over it to give it more spunk and ta-da! I'd say 2013 is off to a good start.

I used:
Essie We're In This Together
Venique Hot Date
Sally Hansen Black Out

Notice the watermark? I finely figured out how to make a decent one without photoshop, seeing as I don't have photoshop. It makes me feel more, official is a good word ^-^. I also feel very accomplished for pushing myself to finely get it done too. So what manicure did you start the year off with?

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