Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Next Stop: the Twilight Zone

Do do do do do do do do. The Twilight Zone is a classic example of science fiction, starting in 1959. The episodes that stand out the most to me is the one where a lady finds a stopwatch that freezes time, and the one where the English language changes so everybody is saying that Wednesday means a cat and dinosaur means lunch, but one guy isn't apart if the trasition so he's just left extreamly confused. 

At first I was going to do a skittle manicure of the different symbols from the intro, but the spiral was just so much fun to draw that I ended up doing all of my nails like that. I used a white gel pen to draw the spiral, it's much more precise than a nail art brush, and you can wipe it off if you mess up.

I used:
Maybelline Onyx Rush
White Gel Pen

Friday, August 2, 2013


I just couldn't get the manicure I wanted to do for Tokyo right before I had to leave, but here's the inlinks!

Red for Luck

Hey guys! I'm coming at you from the opposite side of the country, I'm in New York! My little brother is participating in a tournament in Cooper's Town, and I got to tag along. We're finally settled in to the rental house we're sharing with the rest of the team. I did all of my posts right before I left, so I'm editing and writing from my iPad. The only drawback so far is that I can't label the posts.

I decided on a simple look for Beijing, just a red and gold gradient. Red is often used as a symbol for good luck in China, it's everywhere on the New Year. 

I used:
Revlon Red
Maybelline Bold Gold

This is the last night to enter the giveaway, so if you haven't yet go now, there's a link in the side bar! If you want to see what I'm up to in New York you can follow me on Instagram, I'll try to post some cool pictures besides selfies. The other day I was at Niagara Falls and totally spaced taking any pictures!