Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pink Out!

Hello everybody! I know its been a while since my last post, so lets just get right into the nail art shall we?

    We had a pink out day at my school today for Breast Cancer Awareness, so I painted my nails for the occasion :). I used three pink shades of Midgi Nail Art Pens polish as basecoats  (sorry I don't have names for them ):), a pink sparkly Bon Bon polish for the middle finger, and Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Rockstar pink for the pointer and pinky fingers.


I LOVE Rockstar, definitely better than a lot of pink glitters I've seen, the extra colors make it.

Bottle pic
   Well thats all I have for right now, have a great halloween!

Monday, October 22, 2012


   My school is doing a spirit week for Nevada Day on Friday, so of course I have to have my nails match anything I wear. Today was Pajama Day, and I wore my black-pink-polkadot Betsy Johnson pjs my grandma gave me.

Polkadots for the pattern and a bow on my accent nail for the tie on the bottoms. 

I used Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black out and a pink Midgi Nail Art Pen.

Comparison to my pjs.

   I really love how this look turned out, kinda sad that I have to take it off. Oh well, I know the next design will be awesome too, you'll see tomorrow! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Enter, if You Dare...

   The Redrum mani was starting to freak me out, especially after my boyfriend told me stories about people getting murdered. Lovely. So I decided to create a not-mark-myself-for-death mani.

Just a pretty blue with a haunted house. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Co-Bolt Blue and Brisk Blue, Pale Yellow Midgi Nail Art Pen, and Sally Hansen Xtream Wer Blackout.

I used BM-305 and penned in yellow windows,

   So there you have it, three posts in one day, not to bad huh?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Heeere's Johnny!

   Tomorrow I'm going to my friends scary movie sleepover, and last year we watched The Shining. There was plenty of screaming, I assure you. I thought it would make a great mani for Halloween time of year.

   I used Revlon Red and Sally Hansen Fast Dry White out. For the thumbs and index fingers I used acrylic to make the wallpaper.

Awful right hand posing lol

   I love how this one turned out, the bloody wallpaper is my favorite. Of corse the REDRUM makes it though :)


 I wish I would have a better picture of you guys, but I did this mani a couple days ago and didn't have time to properly photograph it. Now it's all chipped and smeared with ink (we're using printing presses in art), so it wouldn't make for a very pretty example. 

Photo taken with my iPad to show my boyfriend, I was very proud of the little ghosties.
   These little ghosts made me smile whenever I looked down at my nails for the past couple of days. I really like the little guy on my ring finger, he has character.

Who, me?
   I used Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black out, and Revlon Spooky Skull. I really liked how Spooky Skull over Black out made the eyes look hollow but with a little glow. Well it's time for these little spirits to go bye-bye, hopefully I'll have the new design up tonight!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So Begins the Haunting...

Since its October of COURSE I have to start of this blog with an appropriately themed mani. With it being my first attempt at a gradient, I think it turned out quite well. Lets get right to the photos shall we?
Background colors: Revlon Top Speed Infamous, Midgi Nail Art Pale Yellow, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry White Out, and  Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black Out.
I realized I should probably stamp the other way around... Oopsie.
I used Black Our for stamping colors.
Plates (in nail order): BM-301

Monday, October 15, 2012


Fear the beard.
   So tonight's manicure took longer than expected, but I will post pictures for tomorrow. In the meantime I'm going to root for the San Francisco Giants, go team!


   So after a while of debating (and one failed tumblr) I decided to create a blog here on blogspot. Well, clearly, because I'm here typing, never mind xD. Most of my inspiration to start this was because of The Nailasaurus, whose blog I fell in love with over the summer and led me down the happy road of nail polish obsession. Seriously, before this summer I didn't know what a base coat was. I hope you enjoy shareing in my obsession of nails, fashion, pink, and anything else that might catch my fancy. Here we go! :)

If you were wondering where the idea for my blog name came from :)