Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spectrum Cosmetics- Dark Matter

This polish arrived the other day and I haven't had the time to write a post about it till now. Its my first ever indie polish (I din't understand the term "indie polish" for a long time too). This is though, the second indie I've purchased, Samurai Princess hasn't arrived yet. It comes from an Etsy shop called Spectrum Cosmetics. I saw this polish moths ago and loved it, and on a random whim looked it up and saw she had it in stock again! The shade is called Dark Matter, lets take a look:

Here is three coats without a top coat. The polish is sheer with holographic glitters that shine in an array of rainbow colors. It dries matte and a little rough. 

Here it is with two coats of OPI Fast Dry top coat. Its a gorgeous polish, and I like it more than Zoya Storm. I usually don't like black polish unless it's paired with nail art, but the sparkle in this polish makes it nice. The only bad thing I have to say about this polish is that its terribly pungent, a very strong smell that made me a bit dizzy. But after a while it wasn't so bad and I was able to do a full manicure.

The polish also came with a note, I love when a salesperson does something personal, even if its brief.


I really love this polish, it reminds me of the night sky, Probably while its called Dark Matter. I can't wait until the other indie polish arrives so I can try that one out too, and decide if indie polishes are my thing or if I prefer regular polishes.

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