Monday, January 14, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

Almost done with this challenge, we're on the third section now! Day 21 is "inspired by a color", and I'm sure it could be interpreted many ways, but I like the way some other bloggers have done it and been inspired by a nail polish name. So I chose Nailtique's Vegas, cause I'm a Vegas Girl of course. ^-^

What is Vegas best known for? Gambling! The whole strip is just rows and rows of casinos waiting to gobble up tourist's money. I have here the best known ways of money spending, cards, roulette, slot machine, poker chips, and dice.

I used:
Revlon POSH
Revlon Red
Clair's Blue, White, and Black Nail Art Pens
NYC French Tip White

What do you guys think? Make you want to take a trip to Sin City? :)

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