Saturday, January 26, 2013

Night Light

Today I'm very excited to share Born Pretty's glow polish in color #2. 

Over all nails I have two coats of #2 with no topcoat, with the exception of my index finger which has one coat of OPI Insti Dry.

On my ring finger #2 is layered over two coats of Maybelline Green With Envy with the added top coat, middle finger is the same but with no top coat, ring finger has two coats of NYC French Tip White under #2, and my pinky just has #2.

#2 glows best over the white and the top coat seems to have no effect on the glow.

The glow has to be "charged up" under a light before it will really glow, wearing it around won't do it. The glow lasts for about half an hour after exposure to light.

This is all over Green With Envy. My final thought is that this is a decent enough glow polish. Application was easy and drying time wasn't long. Removal isn't hard, the polish is a bit gritty and leaves a strange feel to your nails even with a basecoat. I just wish it didn't need to have direct light to get the effect of glowing :\.

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