Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pin Flowers

You guy's must think I'm crazy with all these challenges I'm participating in, the Time Periods Challenge, my challenge, and now this 7 Deadly Sins Challenge. Honestly these have really helped me out inspiration wise, my creative juice has been sucked up by art class. My AP Exam is next Friday, and I still have around 10 pieces to complete. Yay. So I probably won't be posting much except for the 7 Sins and Around the World (Time Periods has a bigger time slot to enter).

For the first week we focus on lust, and the first prompt is to do something you have wanted to do sooo badly. I've always wanted to do that vintage/flower/pinstripe look, so I took this opportunity to try it. What's really funny is that Kelsie from Kelsie's Nail Files seems to have had the same craving at the same time I did xD. I guess theres a bug going around. You can see her sweet manicure here.

I used:
Essie In the Cab-ana (which still refuses to properly photograph, I will tame you one day!)
Essie Tart Deco
NYC French Tip White
Revlon Red 
Revlon Posh

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Polish Days- Seven Deadly Sins

I know it's way late to be doing Polish Days, but I really like my idea for this one and couldn't pass it up. I decided to go with wrath, since I just watched Sweeney Todd for the first time the other day. The whole movie is based around Todd wanting to kill the Judge Turpin for stealing his wife.

I was inspired by the ending part where Sweeney had killed Turpin, and the white stripe in his hair is stained with blood. Kinda gruesome I know, I get really weird ideas sometimes. The songs from the movie have been running around my head, especially Little Priest and Johanna. I was shocked to find out that all the actors did their own singing, I didn't know Johnny Depp could sing.

I used:
NYC French Tip White
Revlon Red
Clair's Black Nail Art Pen

I rather like this sliver of gradient look, I'll have to do it again sometime. Maybe with less deamon barbers though.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Hey, Taxi!

First day of the Around the World challenge! First stop, New York!

I choose to replicate the popular I <3 NY t-shirt design and incorporated the taxi pattern. I was really happy with how the lettering turned out ^-^.

I used:
NYC French Tip White
NYC Lexington Yellow
NYC Chelsea
Clair's Black Nail Art Pen
Maybelline Onyx Rush (I've broken up with Sally Hansen's Black Out)

I can't wait to see your guy's manicures! If there are any problems with using the inlinks let me know, this is my first time using it so there may be some bugs. And don't forget to enter the giveaway here!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Around the World Giveaway!

I don't think many of you read my post yesterday, but if you did you would know that I was planning on a giveaway. I was planning on saving these items for later but it came in the mail came today and I'm impatient. My favorite part of Christmas has always been the giving part, I get super excited to give my friends and family stuff. I consider you guys my nail art friends, so I couldn't wait to give you something! Plus this might make the Around the World Challenge a little more fun.

1. International, but if you know that where you live it may be prohibited please do not enter.
2. You must be 18 to enter or have your parents permission (seriously though are your parents really going to mind you getting free stuff).
3. Winner will be chosen when the giveaway ends, they have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
4. Please no cheating! Not cool bro.

Ok now that that's out of the way how about we see the prizes hmm?

First up is a OPI Mini travel set. It comes with this carrying case, OPI Nail Envy Base Coat, OPI Rapid Dry Topcoat, OPI Chip Skip, OPI Expert Touch nail polish remover, and nail wipes.

If you were wondering just how "mini" mini is.
 Then to keep those nails in good shape while you're on the road, there is the Trim nail care travel kit. It includes a nail file, orange stick, two sizes of clippers, and tweezers.

Good luck! :D

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Seaside Studs

 Today I have a very, very quick nail art post.

I l-o-v-e using paper re-inforcers for half-moons, makes life so much easier. Sadly this time I did not get the super clean lines, this is due to my hair. I recently dyed it blue again, and it just made every bit of me blue, including the white half-moon. So I kinda had to gloop white polish around the studs to make them look photo ok. Oh well, lesson learned. There's only one photo because this polish did not want to photograph. It's In the Cab-ana from Essie. Absolutely gorgeous polish, it reminds me of the crystal blue of tropical waters. When I was trying to capture it it kept turning a weird shade of green, almost like First Timer but not quite. Anyways despite the difficulties I think this look turned out really great, I got some compliments at Target today :D. See you girls tomorrow!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go Insane, Go Insane...

Throw some glitter make it rain...

I've wanted to try this look for-ev-er, but I could never find a nude polish that was juuust right for me. Enter Maybelline forever fawn! It is a little on the grey/yellow side, but it's a good fix to my craving for now. Down the road I know that I DEFINITELY want to try OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. Drool.

The application was very tedious for this polish though. It's very sheer, and I don't like visible nail lines, so it took many coats to be opaque. Then it bubbled like CRAZY. Ugh. SO I took it all off and did it again one thin coat at a time, with two minuets under my heat lamp between. This thankfully solved that problem. It did have a lot of bald spots though, and would spread nice at the base of the nail, then die out at the nail line. So I had to get creative and just applied polish to the bald spots... which made a lumpy appearance, but was all smoothed out with a topcoat! So yeah. This polish has a lot of problems (and I don't think I will be buying Cover Girl polish again), but like I said, I had a craving. *Sigh*

After all of that drama I used Essie A Cut Above for the glitter gradient. I did this by painting a light sprinkling of glitter to about half-way down my nail, then made the top part more dense. The formula and amount of glitter in the polish is perfect, super easy to work with, no fishing needed. Plus, pink!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Around the World Challenge

Hey guys! I'm excited to announce that I've made my own nail art challenge, and I hope you'll join me. It's a traveling challenge, each one will be a new city in a different country. Posts will be every Saturday, and they will have an inlinks at the bottom so you can add your look too. Here's the challenge list:

I'm excited to see who will come along! There may be a souviner at the end of the trip :)

Hands Across Time

Here is the second installment of the Time Periods challenge, this one id for the Stone Age.  I've always been fascinated by cave art, it was one of my favorite art history lessons. I am really intrigued by the hands stenciled onto the wall though, and how many there are. It's something that says, "Hey, I was here. I existed."

I used:
Sally Hansen Stone Creme
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Black Out
NYC Springstreet

I created this look by tracing my hand, then scanning it to my computer. I printed it onto an index card at 5%, then cut it out with an exacto knife. After that I just sponged the color on over the hand. This is the last post for a while in which my nails will be long, you'll see my shorty nails tomorrow!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Coprolite Happens

Hey guys! So I ended up going almost another week without posting... Things have just gotten really hectic and the light change has thrown me off. It doesn't get dark till a little after seven now, whereas it used to get dark around five. Useually when the sun goes down I know it's time to get busy with stuff, but if the sun is still up it could be four for all I know. My inner clock is off, so maybe it's a good time to strart this Time Periods Challenge. (I just came up with that pun, don't roll your eyes I'm proud of that one.)

   The first prompt is the Jurassic Era, so I decided to paint ammonite fossils on my nails. I know this fish isn't Jurassic (he's actually from the Eocene Age), but he's the coolest fossil in my collection.

   I used:
Sally Hansen Stone Creme
Clair's White Nail Art Pen

Here's the list of prompts for this challenge if anybody is curious. Don't get to used to these pretty, long nails. The two weeks of neglect has my nails in pretty bad, stubby shape. I figured I would post the pictures I had already taken (but didn't edit or upload) before getting to them. I should be back tomorrow, things are starting to stop being a jigsaw puzzle thankfully.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Museings- Prom Preperations

I don't think I've mentioned before, but I'm Junior Class President at my school. The Juniors are in charge of prom, and since my secretary dropped out to join the Russian ballet, my Vice President is god knows where half the time, and we have no form of a prom committee, all planning falls to moi. Which I don't mind, I prefer working by myself, it just means all my time has been sucked up. Hense no posts and my nails becoming raggedy and sad :(. Anyways I thought I would share what I've been up to in my absence.

First there was the venue. Dear lord that was a mess. It was reserved by a teacher who I don't know before I took my presidency. They told us that they were renovating. They talked up and down how many changes they were going to make. Then apparently they didn't get their building permit, and they tell us this THREE months before prom. So I was seemingly stuck with a venue that could only accommodate 175 people, when we would be haveing 300 and upward kids going to prom. Yay. So long story short (which involved some teeth pulling and the help of my advisor) I got the venue to go from this:

To this:

Because that's just how I roll.

After that it's mainly just been getting all the decorations picked out and ordered, which has been super fun. How many people get to say they designed their own prom? Oh and Thursday night I was up till 1am making a promo video for the assembly this Friday. The girl in charge told me she didn't need it till today but Thursday night she messages me that she needed it the next day. It actually turned out decent, check it out below if you like.

So that's pretty much it, hopefully I'll be back to posting tomorrow. It's Polish Days, those are always fun :) 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Museings- April Fools

I've never been really good with April Fools. The best prank I've ever pulled was telling my 2nd grade teacher that the girls bathroom was flooding. I wonder now if she actually belived me or if she was just playing along. Anyways, since my wit extends as far as forks in cereal bowls, I thought I would round up the best of today's practical jokes that I saw.


Zoya's Grassy Nail (this reminded me highly of Chia pets)

Julep's Manven subscription. Check out the link for the full style profiles, they're a hoot!

Google nose. I actually had fun pressing my nose to my phone and "smelling" whatever odd scent it came up with (and there was some odd ones). My art teacher was looking at me weird for the rest of class.


And if you're on Tumblr you might've witnessed the mishapocalypse. Sorry about that other fandoms.

I hope you all had a hilarious and fun April Fools day :)