Saturday, January 5, 2013

What a Stud

You must be tired of my pun titles xD. Anyways, my studs from Polish Me To Go arrived yesterday and I had to play with them. Instead of posting spererate posts for each look I thought I would just put them all here together.

For the first one I used OPI Suzi and the 7 D├╝sseldorfs as a base. I kept this one really simple because I was going out with friends to First Friday last night and didn't have much time for something elaborate, and the stud is quite large. I also photographed this last night with my parent's camera, which annoys the hell out of me. I can't get it to focus and there's seemingly no way to turn off the flash, resulting in an odd photo quality. Anyways, I really like this stud  and it stayed on with just one coat of topcoat applied under it. I used this method with all of the studs or I just stuck them directly onto the wet polish, they hold on really well and don't sit too awkwardly on the nail. 

Yay my camera was charged for usage again for the rest of the photos! I really like the gold and pink in this one, it seems girly yet professional in a way. I think that using silver would have detracted from the look. I used NYC Pink Promenade as a base here.

Like how I only did accent nails? It seems to be my thing. I always think that accessories make the outfit and I guess an accent nail is the accessory of nail art. I used Venique Rolling tides as a base.

Also with the studs came some little rhinepebbles, which I totally wasn't expecting and was a nice surprise. What was really great about this set is that it came with a great variety of studs, enough of them to do actual designs (where some I've seen come with like three of each kind), and it didn't cost me a fortune. I think in total I payed four bucks for them with shipping and handling. Great quality too, AND they arrived super fast! Anyways before I start sounding like an ad campaign lets get back to the actual nail art. I really loved this one, the pink polish and rhinepebbles made in girly but the studs toughned it up, things I like to do in my everyday wardrobe. Like I'll wear a really frilly flowery dress and put it with a leather jacket and boots. The base color here was Essie Tart Deco, a new fave of mine. Oh, and it didn't show very much in the picture but the rhinepebbles glitter little rainbows in the light, how great is that?

THIS. TOOK. FOREVER. OMG. I really really wanted to do a stud flower but they just would not sit right. And then you can't scoot them around because it smears the polish -__-. It's my fault for being a perfectionist, but I wanted it to be just so, and after a gazillion (ok three) tries I got it perfectly ^-^. I think due to the effort this is my fave look. Base color is Maybelline Green With Envy.

So tell me guys, what was your fave look? And have I convinced you to try studs if you already haven't?

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