Thursday, January 3, 2013


I finished cleaning my room earlier than expected, so I figured I would do another challenged day just cause :P Whatever number this one is, its animal print. So I used my five roomies as a reference.

So I'll start off with the nail art, then explain each nail in order.

My thumbnail is inspired by my five-year-old German Shepard Max. Very creative name. At around age two his nose started turning pink, and progressed more and more as he ages, I think he licks his nose so much he rubs off the black.

Max is unimpressed with my attempts to photograph him.

Next is my fish Barbie who hid at the back of the tank the entire time. You'll just have to take my word that she's pink with gold stripes

This is Zack, he's about a year old I believe. I found him as a baby in my garage curled up under the recycling bins. He used to scare the crap out of mom, but now she's gotten used to him. He spends his days sleeping,digging, and eating crickets. Which is really fun to watch because he does little pushups and wriggles his tail before striking.

 This is Oedipus Rex and he is a camera hog, I think he was fascinated by the camera's flash. Whenever I would try and get a picture of the other fish he would swim in front and block them out. I won him at a carnival, and I learned later that all of the other fish they had there died because they had used the school's water, whereas when I got him I switched out the water he was in for bottled water cause I thought it would be better. Apparently it was cause here he is three months later.

Showing off.
Lastly was Elvis, my blue fish with gold stripes. He was camera shy too, and you can see Barbie to the side a bit too. And Oedipus camera hogging again.

I used:
Sally Hansen Black Out
Midgi Hot Pink Pen
Venique Hot Date
Maybelline Bold Gold
Sally Hansen Bold Buff
Clair's Black Nail Art Pen
NYC Spring Street
Venique Rolling Tides

(EDIT: I forgot to mention I have a cat named Angel, but she lives with my Uncle since we found out my younger brother is allergic :'(. I get to see her often though and she always come running up to me mewing ^-^. Hopefully when I'm older I can have her live with me.)

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