Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kelsie's Nail Files Contest Entry

I'm so excited for this, this is my first nail art contest ever! ^-^ Kelsie at Kelsie's Nail Files is having a contest for her one year blogiversary, and the challenge is to create a look based on something from her Pintrest board. Here's the inspiration I chose:

And here's the nail art:

I REALLY love those shorts. I think I will need to make them this summer. For the jean part of the nails I used a tutorial from Glamour.
I used:
Revlon First Class
Stripe Rite Green, Yellow, and Pink
Clair's Black and White Nail Art Pen
NYC Spring Street
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue

Ironically I have a purse that matches too, now I just really need those shorts!

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  1. This is some amazing nail art!!! WOW. :O You replicated those shorts down to the stitching! VERY advanced stuff, I'd say. :-D


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