Friday, January 4, 2013

Flutterby Butterfly

So I"m actually going to check the day numbers for this one and it turns out we're on day... *runs to room*... 15! Delicate print day. I went through loads of my plates trying to find the perfect "delicate" print and I finally settled on this one because what could be more delicate than butterfly wings?

I loooove this! I was hoping that the purple would be more opaque but I like it more this way, kinda gives it the translucence of actual butterfly wings! Sure I had to mega adjust whatever in the photos so it could actually be SEEN and look like what they actually look like on my hand. My camera does not like to pick up on light things. Totally worth it though so I could share these with you ^-^

I used:
Essie We're In It Together
Midgi Silvery Purple Pen

Notice how I knock these posts out of the park so quickly? I don't paint my nails in like five seconds, throughout the day I get bored and paint them, them edit and bomb you with the posts all in one sitting. Just in case you were wondering ^-^.

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