Monday, December 31, 2012

Bringing in the Newyear

Happy New Years Eve everybody! Are you going to a party tonight? Staying in with family? Stocking up on your own fireworks? Whatever you're doing I hope your nails are fabulously festive as well! I myself am going to a local dance with my friend Alyssa, and I still have yet to pick out an outfit. At least I have my nails covered! ^-^

Fireworks! I love how these turned out, usually I have a really hard time replicating fireworks. With the new year coming up, do you guys have any resolutions? I usually don't do them, by telling myself its something I HAVE to do it then usually never gets done. But, this year I do have one that I will be able to stick to. Throughout the year 2013 whenever something good happens I'm going to write it down and put in in a jar, so at the end of the year I can open it up and see all of the cool stuff thats happened :).

I used:
Sally Hansen Black Out
Stripe Rite Yellow
Stripe Rite Hot Pink
Clair's Neon Green Nail Art Pen
Clair's Blue Nail Art Pen
Clair's White Nail Art Pen
Stripe Rite Silver Glitter

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Polish the Rainbow

Hello chikas! Today I bring you day nine of the 31 Day Contest, rainbow nails :). This is literally a skittle manicure, take a look!

Polish the rainbow, taste the rainbow! Although I'm sure these skittles wouldn't taste very good xP. I love skittles, except for the purple ones. I never eat anything purple, ever, to avoid the possibility of it being grape flavored. I love grapes, just not that crappy fake grape flavor. Blegh. It started in kindergarten when I was given a glass of grape juice, and then proceeded to spit it out when my tastebuds were assaulted by the gross flavor. Another thing about purple skittles, my philosophy has been and allways will be that love is somebody you can give your purple skittles to. Yes, its flawed, but it works for me :).

I used:
NYC Plaza Plumberry
Clair's Lime Green Nail Art Pen
Revlon Red 
NYC Spring Street
Clair's White Nail Art Pen

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Steampunk It

Have you guys heard of Steampunk? You should Google it, its worth a Google (high five if you get the reference.) Steampunk is basically a genera of style or art, and has a lot of other sub groups like Clockpunk, Biopunk, Dieslepunk, Atompunk, Cyberpunk, Nanopunk, Mythpunk... The list goes on and on. My sophomore year we created ray guns out of water guns in art class in a Steampunk style in art class. While doing this we used a paint called Rub-n-Buff. You basically put the paint on, then buff it out so it gives the object the appearance of being worn and old. I took this technique (sorta) and applied it to my nails.

Instead of applying the paint then rubbing it off, I just dabbed it on in the same kinda style it would be with a q-tip.

I used:
Sally Hansen Black Out
Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
Sally Hansen Gone Grey
Maybelline Bold Gold
For my ring finger I used actual Rub-n-Buff. If anybody can tell me a real polish with that color, I will love you forever.

Sharpie Art

I bet you all were thinking I gave up on  the 31 day challenge huh? I just took a break from it so I could do holiday nail art, and play with new polishes ^-^. So here is your day seven of the challenge:

I have always liked Sharpie art, how the designs twist and flow. My nails are too small of a canvass to create something like this though. I myself am guilty though of drawing on my nails with pens during class, but usually I don't turn that into a manicure.

I used:
NYC French Tip White
Regular Fine Point Sharpie.
(I did not add a topcoat because that could have smeared the design.)

I'm glad to be back in the swing of this challenge, metallics are up next :D

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


So this is a half swatch half nail art post. If you've seen my Instagram your know that I got a ring I've been wanting for quite some time from my parents for Christmas. This ring is so gorgeous and I love it so much I just had to dedicate some nail art to it.

I am in l-o-v-e with The Living daylights. My brother must be physic to know how bad I've wanted this polish.

I saw this ring I don't know how long ago, I think it was over the summer. That sounds about right. The funny thing is the day before Christmas I was at the mall getting some last minute shopping done and Santa photos, and I dragged Dad into Neimen Marcus to see it, but It was gone. Now I know why xD.

The ring is from Louis Vuitton's Inclusion collection.

I used:
Pure Ice Magic Platinum Basecoat
OPI The Living Daylights
Maybelline Bold Gold
Sally Hansen Black Out

OPI- Suzi & the 7 D├╝sseldorfs

Look, another shimmer! But this time from a familiar brand.

Of course OPI's application was flawless, and the color is very pretty. The only thing is I already techinically have this color, its pretty much exactly like Sally Hansen's Pronto Purple. I love it anyways though, the more the merrier ^-^.

Nailtiques- Vegas

Here's another new brand, and a great name comes with it :).

Vegas looks like liquid fire on my nails to me, or maybe more like a shimmery showgirl's suit. Hey, its Vegas baby xD. Shown here is one thin coat that went on very nicely without any problems. I love the deep red of it, and it seems like all of the swatches I've posted so far have had a slight shimmer. Hmm...

And since I'm a Vegas Girl:

(I also have this as my ringtone xD)

Venique- Rolling Tides

Our next polish also comes from my new friend Venique, and I think the name is very fitting. Except instead of rolling tides it reminds me more of a mermaids tail, see why after the jump.

Again Venique did not disappoint with a fantastic color. Shown here is two thin coats of the polish.

This picture actually captured the greeny-blue shimmer that made me think of mermaid tails ^-^

Venique- Hot Date

Before we get started I just wanted to give a shout-out to my little brother who gave me all of these lovely polishes <3. For the first swatch of the night we have Venique's Hot Date. I've never heard of this brand before, and I was very happy with the results.

Please excuse my short pinky nail, it ripped opening presents and I'm to stubborn to cut the rest short to match xP. I LOVE this pink, and I'm not just saying that because I love pink religiously. It has such a pretty shimmer to it that didnt quite pick up on camera, and great formula. Dried relatively fast, applied easily, very nice.

Final thought: I would definitely recommend this polish, and I'll be looking out for more Venique polishes in the future :)

Brace Yourselves...

The swatches are coming!!! I know my last (and first) swatch post was very lacking, but after some thought (and a bundle of new polishes) I thought I could possibly make swatching fun. So let's see how this goes, shall we? :)

Christmas Nails... One Day Late

Hello everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, i know I did ^-^. I know Christmas is over, but I thought I would post these cause I did take the time to do them and get one decent picture of them... just no time to upload. Oopsie xD. 

I used:
Revlon Red
Revlon POSH
and Clair's Rhine pebble

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caillou du Rhin

Hullo Earthlings! How was everybody's "last" day on Earth? XD Just in case the Mayan's actually knew what they were talking about (but somehow were unable to predict the Spanish), here's a blog post to keep you company while the planet splits in two. Yay!

So, to explain the odd title. As I was sitting down to add the rhinestones, I wondered what the entomology of rhinestones was, like every normal human does. So I asked Mr. Google and decided to share with you what I learned.
Rhine stones were originally called caillou du Rhin by the French, which translates to Rhine Pebble. Yes, Rhine, as in the river. There were small rock crystals found in the river and were used to imitate diamonds, and after a while Rhine Pebble just became rhinestone. So there is your history lesson for today folks :)

I used:
Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat
Pure Ice DJ Spinner
and Clair's Rhine Pebbles

I'll have another post ready for ya if the world and the nail art within it still exists after tomorrow ;)

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Swatches

Let's get one thing straight, I do not like swatch posts. I think they're boring, albeit a bit helpful at times. I originally had no intentions of doing a swatch post (unless specifically asked to do so) on this blog. But this polish is "MAGIC" guys. So heres a swatch post. For scientific reasons.

The polish in question was Pure Ice's Vinyl Magic Polish. Which is pretty much just a tinted crackle polish after further inspection, and doesn't do the super cool effects on the poster that led me to an impulse buy. Its still pretty cool though.

Here is three coats of the "magic" base coat.

I wondered what made it so magical. Turns out it's just white polish, a very nice white polish, but nothing magical. Here it is shown on the right, with NYC French Tip White on the left.

It took me three tries to get this effect, the trick is to have the white COMPLEATLY dry and apply a very very thin coat of the crackle polish.

Final thoughts: It's definetly a novel polish, it only cost me $6. I think if I played around with the application of the crackle I would have more fun with it. I might buy more of the colors just to get the cooler designs, but they come with another bottle of white and I don't really want four bottles of magic white :/ All in all I like it and would recommend it, I just wish the crackles were sold separately.

Monday, December 17, 2012

NOT Candy Canes

I told you I would be back soon didn't I ;). So its Spirit Week at my school, and usually I would match my nails to the theme. I did't do so today because it was Holiday Sweater day and this sweater just speaks for itself, its wonderful. Tomorrow is Candy Cane day and I sat down kinda not wanting to do them. I stared at my red polish for awhile thinking about how my skin would be stained removing it and dreading that too. I decided since every blogger and her mother has done candy cane nails I just wasn't going to do it and decided to play with my new pens instead. So there.

Besides the fact that pink makes me happy anyways, I rather like my first pen attempt. I've seen this style a couple times around the inter-webs and have wanted to try it out for a while now. 
I used:
NYC Pink Promenade Creme
Clair's Black Polish Pen
Clair's White Polish Pen

The only problem is that I didn't do my right hand... oh well, I'm sure I can squeeze in some time to do that in the morning, night lovelies <3

Early Christmas

   Yesterday my Aunt and Uncle visited from New Orleans for Christmas, and since they won't be in town on the actual day of Christmas we opened presents from them and my Grandma then. I'll start off with My Aunt and Uncle's gifts :)

I thought I would start with the nail stuff because thats what you're here for after all :) I know these pens and I will be best of friends.

Oh yes, many sparkly manis to come...

Mustachios! :D (you can see where i was testing the pens lol)

And cute little heart stickers :3

Ok these aren't polishes, but for me they're way cooler. These were my Great Grandma's perfumes (intermixed with my own Miss Dior and D&G The One). Grandma bought the Wicked Wahine in 1969 for Grandma Great when she met up with my Papa for R&R when he was serving in Vietnam. The No. 4711 Eau De Cologne Grandma bought for her in 1970 when they were stationed in Germany. The others Grandma didn't know the story behind, but she assumed the must've been gifts from Grandpa Great.

These were her only two lipsticks, they're both a very bright red and she would only wear them on Sundays and for other special occasions. I know I will treasure these forever, my Grandma Great was my first best friend. We would spend hours together watching Madeline and solving puzzles. I hope your holiday season is going lovely, I'll be back soon :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Baby

   Hey chikas! How are you in this chilly winter day? It seems like winter finely fully struck Vegas in the past week! Heres some nail art for you to enjoy by your fireplace (if you don't have a fire place, I'm sure there's an app for that ;) )

I love these nails, they're very simple yet very cute :). I myself still go and see Santa at the mall every year and get pictures, mom says I have to until I have my own children :P. Now though I've taken to asking Santa for things like a certain baseball team to win the World Series instead of ponies...

I used:
Revlon Red
NYC French Tip White
Maybelline Bold Gold
Sally Hansen Black Out 

Whats your guy's favorite Santa memory?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Oh Tannenbaum...

I know I know I have been gone FOREVER. I've had a lot of crap just come up this week, and I even had a manicure all done and pretty for you but I didn't get around to photographing it so then it chipped and blah... So to make up for it I'm back with some awesome nail art for you!

Christmas tree ornaments! This design has been floating around in my mind for awhile now and today I fineally sat down and brought it to life. Its so fun and festive, I'm going to have to keep this one on for a while. Don't worry, that doesn't mean its going to be an eternity till my next post again!

So as you might've guessed like a zillion polishes were used here, no acrylic this time, I'm so proud of myself! Here goes:
Revlon POSH
ncLA Hollywood Hills
Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue
Maybelline Blod Gold
Midgi Lime Green Pen
Midgi Light Blue Pen
Revlon Infamous
Essie Leading Lady
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Pronto Purple
Sally Hansen Silver Sweep
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue
NYC Lexington Yellow
Sally Hansen Black Out
and finished off with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

Hope you're having a tinsel time this holiday season! :)