Monday, January 28, 2013

Connection to Marilyn

Today is inspired by a pattern, and I recently just got the perfect dress for it.

I got this dress at a small shop called Artifact in the Market at Tivoli Village. Its such an AMAZING shop, cute little knick knacks and lots of artwork. My faveorite part though is that the owner, Molly, has this wall she does up every month with a different lady. The wall will have vintage clothes and accessories similar to the ones the lady wore. She's done Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Coco Chanel (I missed that one :( ), and I happened by when Marilyn was up. Fell in love with the dress you see me in up above, and it fit me like a glove. This is the similar dress Marilyn wore:

She wore this for her role as Ellen Arden in Something's Gotta Give
 This is just a happy day for me all around, because I adore Miss Norma Jean as well ^-^.

I used:
NYC French Tip White
Sally Hansen Black Out

I don't like how cruddy this stamping job was. I've lost my scraper and the gift cards I was trying to use just wouldn't do the trick :(. Hopefully I'll find it soon, it has to be somewhere.

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