Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ncLA Nail Wraps- I See You

These have been hiding away forever! I got these over the summer with my Little Black Bag purchase, they're nail wraps from ncLA, in I See You.

I See You was a limited edition set, so I don't know if some are still available. I choose this one because I love Egyptian stuff, when I was younger I actually wanted to be an Egyptologist and read all sorts of books. So by the time I got to my second year in art history I already knew everything and anything ancient Egyptian :). 

These nail wraps applied very easily, much nicer than Sally Hansen's. They stuck well and lasted through showers (my hair is very thick and most of the time any decals get scrubbed off my nails), although the tips got very raggedy very fast. I'm thinking this is an err on my part though, since I'm not pro with nail wraps. I fineally got tired of the feeling anytime i pushed my hair back or scratched my nose, so I peeled them off in history and went naked nails for the rest of the day. They came off really smoothly, without any problems. I would say though to NOT SKIP THE FIRST TOP COAT RECOMMENDED ON THE INSTRUCTIONS. Very important and I'm glad I didn't skip it (due to my aversion to base coats), the wraps peeled up some of the polish and I would hate that to happen to my natural nail, seeing as my nails peel so easily. All in all I like these wraps, but I don't think I would buy them again, just because of my annoyance with the wear. I'm too much of a perfectionist lol.

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