Sunday, November 25, 2012

Exciting news!

So today I was checking in on one of my favorite bloggers, Chris, from Let them have Polish! And I was reading about her book inspired nails for her 31DC. She chose The Wah Book of Nail Art, which I had heard about before from Sammy at The Nailasaurus. So I looked it up thinking maybe it would be something I could ask for for Christmas. Turns out Barns & Nobel is having a 50% sale, and I remembered I have a gift card there. That my best friend gave to me about three years ago for my birthday. I guess I was hanging onto it until the perfect moment xD

Yay for poor quality iPad photos!

I'm super excited for it to get here, and all the nail art I'll be able to share with you guys!

"You're turning violet, Violet!"

Good morning lovelies! Today is the sixth day of the 31DC, and as you might guess from the title violet nails are up.

I love Willy Wonka, so the character Violet came to mind.

I painted my nails the required violety purple shade, and used silver caviar beads to replicate the buttons on her suit.

I used Sally Hansen Pronto Purple for this mani.

UPDATE: I don't know why there is a blue ? box in the middle of the post, when I go to edit it does not appear. Please just ignore it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blue Period

I'm going to be done with this challenge waaay before 31 days if I keep going like this. Oh well, I can't help it. Boredom sets in and my polishes call my name. For the fifth day blue nails are required, here's my take:

"Wait!" you say, "Yellow and red, those are nothing like blue! Anarchy!" Well calm your britches and I will explain. Whenever I think 'blue' I think Picasso, because thats what every normal person does, of course. The painting I'm referring to specifically came from his Blue Period (the chips are falling into place now, yes?) that I actually saw in person at LACMA. The piece is titled Portrait of Sebastia Juñer Vidal. I'm also pretty sure pictures were not allowed, buuut I conveniently did not see the sign telling me that. I love this painting because it showcases that Picasso wasn't just good for Cubism or strange and stylized portraits, he was a very talented realist artist as well. Another aspect I like is that it isn't just all blue, the woman has a red flower in her hair and a yellow earring. Hence my simplified version translated onto nails.

 I used:
NYC Lexington Yellow
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue

Green Eyed Monster

Hello there people! Today is day four of the 31DC, and green nails are up!

I started out with a different idea in my head, each nail was going to be a different pattern. But after I doodled out the first one on my index finger I liked it so much I decided to repeat it. The lime green ended up not standing out as much as I thought it would have, but I like it more this way I think.

I used:
Revlon POSH
Lime Green Midgi Nail Art Pen

I need to figure out how I got the lighting that way in this photo, turned out great. See you guys in a bit, blue is next!

UPDATE: (after looking back on these they now remind me of data chips for a computer xD)


This has absolutely nothing and everything to do with nail polish. Have you ever been to the site No? You should. Fabulous timewaster

The Internet loves nail art.

The Internet loves nail polish.

And one more because she is my favorite designer of all time, the Internet adores Coco Chanel. There's your random bit for today, I promise the next post will be actual nail art, since the Internet seems to love it so much ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Woot I told you I would get bored and do another challenge :P. For what would have been the third day yellow nails are up. 

I keep forgetting to mention, yes my ring finger is all short and weird compared to the others. I was carrying a large box and tried to catch a closing door while juggling said box so I wouldn't have to wait for somebody to open the door again. In hindsight I could have set the box down and opened the door, but when do I ever think of the smarter thing to do in the moment? So it will remain stubby till it grows out to a normal length because I can't stand making all of my other nails stubby when they're just getting to a good length. 

I used NYC Lexington Yellow and some glitter from our craft closet.

I hope you all have had a great Black Friday, if you braved the crowds or hid safely in your home, like moi. See you next time :)

Orange You Glad I didn't Say Banana?

For the second part of the 31DC orange nails are required, which is very simple. Orange is not only a color but also a yummy citrus fruit, so here is the double-entrendre nailified.

I used:
NYC Sidewalkers
NYC Spring Street
and BM 308

I will more than likely have another 31DC post up today. Four-day weekend, too much time on my hands.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Loving Him Was Red

So here is the first post to my 31 Day Challenge! Yes its messy but I'm tired and I wanted to do it tonight :P. The first day's theme is red, sooo I thought of Taylor Swift, naturally.

Losing him was blue like I've never known, missing him was dark grey all alone, but loving him was red. 
 Her song Red, that is. Yes its cause I'm still mopey, please don't judge.

I used:
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue
NYC Sidewalkers
Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Blackout

Have a Happy Turkey Day tomorrow! Catch ya later :)

Pulling Myself Out of a Funk...

   I know I haven't posted in a while, I've been kinda down lately. Break up, tears, blah xP. But anyways I called up my best friend today for some comfort and she told me I should throw myself into a project that I'm passionate about to get over my mopeyness. So what does that mean? 31 Day Challenge! Yeah!

   I was originally going to save this for January, but this seems like a better time to do it. My aforementioned best friend is also starting a blog called Me & My Logic, so check her out :). I'll see you guys soon with my first challenge post!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Simple Sparkle and Hello Kitty to the Rescue

   Hello everyone! Todays nail art is rather simple, I just wanted to try out two colors I believed would be beautiful together but didn't want them to be shadowed by a complicated design. Check it out:

 I've always loved super dark polishes with glitter accents, and these two take the cake!

I used:
NYC Plaza Plumberry
Essie's Beyond Cozy
and finished with Revlon Quick Dry topcoat

I ripped a cuticle pretty bad on my right hand, thank goodness for cute Hello Kitty band aides! See you guys in a bit :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lets Get to the Point

   Yesterday Mom and I went shopping for a little party hosted at our house last night, so we went to Target to scope out some cute glasses and trays and whatnot. Of course I HAD to stop by the nail polish section, and well lets say I discovered NYC polish. Only 97 cents a bottle! Needless to say I went home with many new coors, including two from Maybelline and two from Essie's winter collection (I couldn't resist) so you'll be seeing A LOT of new designs from me soon!
   For the first manicure from the new bottles I had gotten a gold color from Maybelline and couldn't wait to try it out, so as the title says lets get to the point here:

   I love the look of pointed half-moons, I just love half-moons just in general :). I was originally going to use tape to do this but it kept peeling off the paint so I ended up free-handing it with a brush.

   I used:
NYC French White Tip
Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold
Sally Hansen Xtream Wear in Blackout

   I can't wait to try out all of my other new colors, see you guys soon!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polish Days- MANicure

I love the idea of polish days, and I'm excited to participate in my first post! So this months theme is MANicure, to go along with Movember. Movember is like October Pink for breast cancer awareness, except this is for men's health awareness. Guys participating don't shave for a month and call each other MoBros I believe. I some how convinced my boyfriend to participate, so heres my Movember participation.  

Mini mustachios! And a teeny bowler hat :). I know not the most original idea, but it gave me an excuse to match my nails to this rad necklace:

Mustache and Bowler Hat necklace from ZAD, came in my Little Black Bag 

I used Essie We're In It Together, Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black Out, and a silvery purple nail art pen from Midgi

   I can't wait to see other Polish Days Participants' MANicures, in the mean time I'm celebrating my Dad's birthday, happy 46th!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Angled French Tips

  Yesterday was my school's Fall Ball (our equivalent to a Homecoming dance), and it was amazing. The decorations were incredible, my boyfriend was awesome as per usual, the only downside was that the DJ seemed to have no clue what he was doing. I wore a simple floor length black dress and wanted my nails to match, but I didn't want the to just be completely black. This is what I came up with:

   I really love this manicure, simple and not too loud but it has edge. Its very simple to create too, I just painted my base color and swiped the black on the tips, no tape needed!
I used Sally Hansen Bold Buff and Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Blackout. I finished it with Revlon Quick Dry Topcoat.
My next post will be for Polish Days, check back in to see! I'm excited :)