Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wanna Kiss?

The title is meant to be read with the same intonation as Finnick Odair used when he asked Katniss, "Wanna sugar cube?" I was pigging out on Hershey Kisses (because you can't just stop at one) and I looked at the wrapper and thought, huh, I bet I can put that on my nails. So here you go.

I found a new site to do my watermark with and I am sooo happy with it. Before I was using Pixlr, but it was kinda restrained on what I could do with text. I couldn't tilt it, or make in a bit transparent, couldn't have that much text either. I am now using a simple version of Photoshop provided by Photoshop itself, check it out here if you like.

I used Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat for a base and affixed the Kisses wrappers to my nail with OPI Rapi Dry Top Coat. I used tiny scissors (I have no idea what their real use is) the cut off the excess and then sealed it all in with another layer of top coat.

I had a lot of fun with this, I think I will be putting more candy wrappers on my nails in the future :)

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