Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black Pebbles on a Promenade

I finely bought some proper makeup sponges to do gradients, the ones I was using before left little sponge bits in the polish :P. 

This manicure started out intended for something different, but I loved the blink?black gradient so much I wanted to do something different. I added the rhinepebbles to make it a but more edgily, but still girly. I think studs would have made it too Avril Lavigne. Next time I definitely will be putting a base color down so theres not so much naked nail peeking through, but I like it anyways with it.

I used:
NYC Pink Promenade
Sally Hansen Black Out
Claire's rhinepebbles

This is definitely a manicure I do NOT want to take off, but I have sooo many other fun designs I want to do too! At least I'll have it here to come back and look at :)


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