Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Museings- I'm Not Dead

   Hey! I am in fact not dead. These past two weeks I have just been SUPER busy and had no time for nail art. Today I want to introduce to you something I have been meaning to do for like a month now, but every Monday I of course forget. On Mondays I'm going to be doing a thing I'm calling Monday Musings. They will have nothing to do with nail art usually, and most likely will be very random. This is just so when I do actual nail art posts I don't get way off topic because I vented my other stuffs on Monday.

So since this is the first Monday Musings  post I guess I'll take it to explain my absence. First there was the Oklahoma project, which had every art major hating that stupid play. A lot of the time when the theater department puts on a show our principal will be like, oh yeah! I want you art majors to put on a show corresponding to the play aaand btw you've got like a week to put it together. Good luck! So there was that. I actually didn't get my piece done because OIL PASTELS. I haven't worked with them in the past much so I was just like, how do I, detail, NO IT'S MUDDY I HAVE TO START OVER. Gah. Fun stuff. I will finish it sometime or another because I do like what I have so far, see below. The premise of this project was we had to do a self portrait, select an occupation for picture us, then randomly draw a state symbol of Oklahoma from a hat, and have our piece correspond to a song lyric from the play somehow. Yeah sometimes they make these things so specific that the greatest struggle is figuring out what to draw in the first place. I pretty much based the occupation part and just said I was a flower shop owner since she's standing outside of a flower shop. For the symbol I drew a swallowtail butterfly, buuut I chose to do a rose since in went with the lyric, "Don't throw bouquets at me, people might think we're in love." I originally was going to have a boy up in a tree handing me a flower but there wasn't enough room so this happened instead.
             (Never mind no picture of the one because I realized its in my art file at school)

   THEN we had our outsides due which like four people actually finished because everybody was running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the OK show. For you non art school students outsides are projects we have to do outside of class (ok I know that sounds pretty self explanatory but there's more to it than that). You have to do it based on your concentration (basically a repeated theme or object in a body of work), and working with an idiom. I think idiom is the right word. We've done stuff like 'take the bull by the horns' and 'make my blood boil'.

   My concentration is fairy tale characters set in the modern-day world, and also they're all self portraits because my face is always available for drawing so its just easier. This month's idiom was 'on the tip of my tongue', and I thought it best applied to Rumplestiltskin because of how the princess tries to guess his name but can't quite get it. I thought in the modern-day world he would be a loan shark or a gangster. I did it in prisma colors because they're easy and fun to use and I have left them somewhere around school and I need to find them. I don't want somebody to adopt them because they are ridiculously expensive pencils.

   Other than that its just been keeping up on other classes homework, so that's fun.

      Anyways that was my last two weeks or so, I will be back tomorrow with March's Polish Days :)

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  1. coming along very well! cant wait to see the finished piece!


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