Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Polish Days- Vintage

 Hello lovelies! I have had a wonderful nail art filled day today. In Nevada we have proficiencies (basically tests you have to pass before they will let you graduate) today and since I passed all of mine last year as a sophomore (well I didn't pass the math one but I re-took it earlier in the year and passed it that time around) I got the day off, so I spent it creating lots of designs. Pretty good day if you ask me. 

Since it is the first Tuesday of the month of course its Polish Days, this time the theme being vintage. Fun Fact: anything from 1960 and below is considered vintage, anytime after that its called retro. So you can't have vintage 80's groovy glasses or whatever it is my mom's generation wore. I wish she would have kept some of her stuff, she was rockin' the full on big bow in her hair and everything. Anyways I'm getting off topic, I decided to do my nails based on a tube of lipstick passed down to me from my great-grandma. I have no idea what brand it is, but I know it's old. It's pretty much used up, the color is red with a kinda pinky coral tone to it. I would post a picture but its kinda dusty and grimy.

I used:
Maybelline Bold Gold
Sally Hansen Black Out

I used a saran-wrap method I learned here. Except I didn't actually use saran-wrap, somehow we don't have any of that so I used the plastic wrappings Raising Cain's puts on their plastic utensils since we had that for dinner last night. I really like the result, It looks very similar to the lipstick. It feels good to be posting again too, tune in tomorrow for something totally new for my blog! 


  1. Really loving your inspiration! You did a great job of replicating the lipstick tube - side note, that lipstick tube is really interesting. :)

  2. reflects very well the lipstick, really cool! I haven't tried yet the saran manicure :D

  3. Fun back story and primo execution.

    Nice job!

  4. I like the vintage inspiration for this, you pulled it off well!

  5. It makes me think about to do saran-wrap mani,
    as yours look SO cool and even elegant <3

  6. Wow you're mani matches the lippie perfectly! :D Gorgeous!

    Aysh xox

  7. i love the black/gold combination <3 I keep thinking at jewels, don't know why :D


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