Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings- Face Lift

 Whew! I am sooo happy I have Guilty As Charged all nice and pretty now! I was bitten with the spring cleaning bug this weekend and decided to put all that energy towards this. If you've dropped by the blog in the last couple of days you might have seen some of my tweaking in progress. I had a really hard time picking out a background and organization/selection of some widgets.  I drew/painted the title image because I wanted it to be unique (and I find the idea of a polish bottle getting a mugshot hilarious). I learned A LOT about coding through all of this. I wish they would have taught us about this kind of stuff in the mandatory computers class instead of having us make a million power points and do that typing thing. Which I rebelled against and now have a very odd way of typing, but hey I still get the same outcome. So, let me know what you guys think! I feel that it's a lot more open and light now as compared to before. Now I'm going to go get a Nutella snack and polish up my naked nails, because what's the point of having a nice blog if there are no posts for it? :)

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