Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Museings- April Fools

I've never been really good with April Fools. The best prank I've ever pulled was telling my 2nd grade teacher that the girls bathroom was flooding. I wonder now if she actually belived me or if she was just playing along. Anyways, since my wit extends as far as forks in cereal bowls, I thought I would round up the best of today's practical jokes that I saw.


Zoya's Grassy Nail (this reminded me highly of Chia pets)

Julep's Manven subscription. Check out the link for the full style profiles, they're a hoot!

Google nose. I actually had fun pressing my nose to my phone and "smelling" whatever odd scent it came up with (and there was some odd ones). My art teacher was looking at me weird for the rest of class.


And if you're on Tumblr you might've witnessed the mishapocalypse. Sorry about that other fandoms.

I hope you all had a hilarious and fun April Fools day :)

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