Sunday, December 30, 2012

Polish the Rainbow

Hello chikas! Today I bring you day nine of the 31 Day Contest, rainbow nails :). This is literally a skittle manicure, take a look!

Polish the rainbow, taste the rainbow! Although I'm sure these skittles wouldn't taste very good xP. I love skittles, except for the purple ones. I never eat anything purple, ever, to avoid the possibility of it being grape flavored. I love grapes, just not that crappy fake grape flavor. Blegh. It started in kindergarten when I was given a glass of grape juice, and then proceeded to spit it out when my tastebuds were assaulted by the gross flavor. Another thing about purple skittles, my philosophy has been and allways will be that love is somebody you can give your purple skittles to. Yes, its flawed, but it works for me :).

I used:
NYC Plaza Plumberry
Clair's Lime Green Nail Art Pen
Revlon Red 
NYC Spring Street
Clair's White Nail Art Pen

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