Thursday, December 20, 2012

Caillou du Rhin

Hullo Earthlings! How was everybody's "last" day on Earth? XD Just in case the Mayan's actually knew what they were talking about (but somehow were unable to predict the Spanish), here's a blog post to keep you company while the planet splits in two. Yay!

So, to explain the odd title. As I was sitting down to add the rhinestones, I wondered what the entomology of rhinestones was, like every normal human does. So I asked Mr. Google and decided to share with you what I learned.
Rhine stones were originally called caillou du Rhin by the French, which translates to Rhine Pebble. Yes, Rhine, as in the river. There were small rock crystals found in the river and were used to imitate diamonds, and after a while Rhine Pebble just became rhinestone. So there is your history lesson for today folks :)

I used:
Pure Ice Platinum Magic Base Coat
Pure Ice DJ Spinner
and Clair's Rhine Pebbles

I'll have another post ready for ya if the world and the nail art within it still exists after tomorrow ;)

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