Saturday, November 24, 2012

Blue Period

I'm going to be done with this challenge waaay before 31 days if I keep going like this. Oh well, I can't help it. Boredom sets in and my polishes call my name. For the fifth day blue nails are required, here's my take:

"Wait!" you say, "Yellow and red, those are nothing like blue! Anarchy!" Well calm your britches and I will explain. Whenever I think 'blue' I think Picasso, because thats what every normal person does, of course. The painting I'm referring to specifically came from his Blue Period (the chips are falling into place now, yes?) that I actually saw in person at LACMA. The piece is titled Portrait of Sebastia Juñer Vidal. I'm also pretty sure pictures were not allowed, buuut I conveniently did not see the sign telling me that. I love this painting because it showcases that Picasso wasn't just good for Cubism or strange and stylized portraits, he was a very talented realist artist as well. Another aspect I like is that it isn't just all blue, the woman has a red flower in her hair and a yellow earring. Hence my simplified version translated onto nails.

 I used:
NYC Lexington Yellow
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Co-Bolt Blue

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