Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Polish Days- MANicure

I love the idea of polish days, and I'm excited to participate in my first post! So this months theme is MANicure, to go along with Movember. Movember is like October Pink for breast cancer awareness, except this is for men's health awareness. Guys participating don't shave for a month and call each other MoBros I believe. I some how convinced my boyfriend to participate, so heres my Movember participation.  

Mini mustachios! And a teeny bowler hat :). I know not the most original idea, but it gave me an excuse to match my nails to this rad necklace:

Mustache and Bowler Hat necklace from ZAD, came in my Little Black Bag 

I used Essie We're In It Together, Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black Out, and a silvery purple nail art pen from Midgi

   I can't wait to see other Polish Days Participants' MANicures, in the mean time I'm celebrating my Dad's birthday, happy 46th!


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