Friday, April 19, 2013

Coprolite Happens

Hey guys! So I ended up going almost another week without posting... Things have just gotten really hectic and the light change has thrown me off. It doesn't get dark till a little after seven now, whereas it used to get dark around five. Useually when the sun goes down I know it's time to get busy with stuff, but if the sun is still up it could be four for all I know. My inner clock is off, so maybe it's a good time to strart this Time Periods Challenge. (I just came up with that pun, don't roll your eyes I'm proud of that one.)

   The first prompt is the Jurassic Era, so I decided to paint ammonite fossils on my nails. I know this fish isn't Jurassic (he's actually from the Eocene Age), but he's the coolest fossil in my collection.

   I used:
Sally Hansen Stone Creme
Clair's White Nail Art Pen

Here's the list of prompts for this challenge if anybody is curious. Don't get to used to these pretty, long nails. The two weeks of neglect has my nails in pretty bad, stubby shape. I figured I would post the pictures I had already taken (but didn't edit or upload) before getting to them. I should be back tomorrow, things are starting to stop being a jigsaw puzzle thankfully.

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  1. Hahahaha! I like your pun, and the title of this post really caught my eye because I KNOW what coprolite is! ;-) Cute idea, and great job freehanding the design with the nail pens. :-) Oh, I was also going to say, what a coincidence; I too was musing today about the difference in when the sun sets really messing with my mind! Grrr.


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