Sunday, April 21, 2013

Go Insane, Go Insane...

Throw some glitter make it rain...

I've wanted to try this look for-ev-er, but I could never find a nude polish that was juuust right for me. Enter Maybelline forever fawn! It is a little on the grey/yellow side, but it's a good fix to my craving for now. Down the road I know that I DEFINITELY want to try OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons. Drool.

The application was very tedious for this polish though. It's very sheer, and I don't like visible nail lines, so it took many coats to be opaque. Then it bubbled like CRAZY. Ugh. SO I took it all off and did it again one thin coat at a time, with two minuets under my heat lamp between. This thankfully solved that problem. It did have a lot of bald spots though, and would spread nice at the base of the nail, then die out at the nail line. So I had to get creative and just applied polish to the bald spots... which made a lumpy appearance, but was all smoothed out with a topcoat! So yeah. This polish has a lot of problems (and I don't think I will be buying Cover Girl polish again), but like I said, I had a craving. *Sigh*

After all of that drama I used Essie A Cut Above for the glitter gradient. I did this by painting a light sprinkling of glitter to about half-way down my nail, then made the top part more dense. The formula and amount of glitter in the polish is perfect, super easy to work with, no fishing needed. Plus, pink!

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