Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hands Across Time

Here is the second installment of the Time Periods challenge, this one id for the Stone Age.  I've always been fascinated by cave art, it was one of my favorite art history lessons. I am really intrigued by the hands stenciled onto the wall though, and how many there are. It's something that says, "Hey, I was here. I existed."

I used:
Sally Hansen Stone Creme
Revlon Red
Sally Hansen Black Out
NYC Springstreet

I created this look by tracing my hand, then scanning it to my computer. I printed it onto an index card at 5%, then cut it out with an exacto knife. After that I just sponged the color on over the hand. This is the last post for a while in which my nails will be long, you'll see my shorty nails tomorrow!


  1. hi, I just found your blog and now you've got a new reader :-)

    I like your nail art idea - cave nails

    I love all this prehistoric art too. I'm amongst other things a painter and I really like the idea that you used your own miniaturized hand.

    one question, no two about your challenge: is it too late to join? i don't know yet though if I would really manage each in proper time... I'd like to try :o) would that be OK?

    greetings from Berlin!


  2. Thank you! It's not too late to join, each inlinks will be open until August 3rd, so whenever you have free time you can enter :) Saturdays are just when they go live.


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