Sunday, July 14, 2013

Secretary's Nail Art is Guilty as Charged

Hi I am Dina from Secretary's Nail Art (
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to make a guest post. I hope you're having a great vacation. Summer is great. Butterflies in the air, the smell of flowers ...

So I felt the need to do a butterfly manicure. 
I had just the thing for it. A fimo wheel that I picked up at Poundland, in Manchester. Full of butterflies in different colors. I decided to use Accessorize - Dragonfly. The glitter removal on this one is a pain, but it looks really good, and I have somehow ...kinda... fell in love with this polish.
For full opacity this polish needed three coats. I used Sinful Colors - Exotic Green for the accent, also this was three coats. 

Feel free to jump over to my blog, for more posts. Hope you are all having a great Summer. 

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