Monday, July 15, 2013

Pocket Money Polish is Guilty as Charged

Charlie from Pocket Money Polishes here - so happy to be visiting you today and sharing this mani. I apologise for the short stature of my nails but I have been playing a lot of guitar recently and the nails were getting in the way - I also had a bit of flaking so it will be nice to grow them all fresh and new.
I recently grabbed a bargain bundle from a blog sale - 5 kikos for just £8, it is well worth keeping an eye out for polishes on sales as a lot of the polishes bloggers sell have barely been touched. Today I have one of those kikos (360 'Strawberry Pink') which applies fairly evenly but needs a good 2-3 coats to be fully opaque. It does read coral/orangey under a lot of lights but in natural light it is a very fruity pink (sorry the pictures make it look SO MUCH more orange). 

To jazz this up I started by applying some striping tape and a quick coat of Barrym Gelly Blue Grape (a super yummy blue) to my thumb and  ring fingers. The great things about these vertical stripes is that they do make your nails look longer. For clean lines you really do need to pull the tape up quickly and cleanly - I now use an old pair of tweezers to get a good hold. On the remaining fingers I decided to go a bit jewel crazy with some blue and silver/clear stones from a nail art wheel - tiny bit of clear polish and an orange stick to wrestle them into place. 

The thing I like about this particular mani is it doesn't require any skill and therefore can be done easily on both hands. The pink pops and the gems sparkle. I think the diamond shape on my middle finger is the most stones I have ever worn on one nail. I was told for this guest post to go crazy and I think this is definitely a step out of my comfort zone in terms of blingy-ness... what do you think? Does this work for you, what's the most gems you've ever worn on one nail? What bargains have you found on blog sales? Drop me a comment and let me know! 

Big thanks for having me today - I hope you'll pop over to my blog and see what I am up to, there is usually something going on whether it's my indie polishes, stamping or crazy bargain hauls. 


You can check out Charlie's blog here!

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