Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Musings: It's a Good Thing Blogs aren't Roses

I've never been good at keeping plants alive. I currently have an array of dead roses and something that never even got the chance to bloom sitting on my back porch. Very dead. Like OMG dead. So it's a good thing blogs aren't plants, they just kinda sit here until you come back. Back from what though? Well I'm glad for rhetorical questions so I can do a segway like this.

So since my last post in December I've had quite the fascinating life for a seventeen year old without a license, since most adventures at this point in life seem to require one. And a car too probably. But anyways, I was accepted to literally the only college I applied for, Southern Utah University, because I knew that's where I wanted to go and application fees are a no. I was also awarded the Legacy Scholarship since my dad graduated from there, so I'll be paying close to in-state tuition. Yay debt free adulthood! I was hired at my first job ever, a great place called ChillSpot. If you're in Vegas at anytime make a point to go to the Container Park and eat there, it's pretty much frozen food heaven. At ChillSpot I pretty much was doing everything bad for your nails, my nails are just now getting back into pre-dish washing condition. Around the same time I was also hired by Polaroid Fotobar, and I decided to work at both, because that's always a good idea. Obviously I was burnt out after a couple weeks of doing this, and I decided to continue working a Fotobar because even though I LOVED ChillSpot, it felt like the best decision in the long run. What's so funny about working at Polaroid is that I did a post with Polaroid nails forever ago, funny how things work out huh? That music video plays behind the cash wrap 24/7. No joke. I can pretty much mimic Skyler Stonestreet  to a T. I also now own a Polaroid camera, a carrying case, and I even splurged on some film. It's a really great thing I get an employee discount tbh. At the Grand Opening I got to meet Penn of Penn & Teller. Teller was there too but he got to the elevator much faster.

Penn had the ring finger on his left hand painted red. No idea why.
I also met the author of Instant: the Story of Polaroid (who took my picture with the really old camera he shows in the video) and Maripol.

Other than those major things I've just been keeping up with school and turning in what seems to be mountains of paperwork for college and graduation. Why is this much paperwork needed. Let me just graduate please, I don't need to take a zillion exit surveys. So anyways I'm back here, mainly thanks to this video by JacksGap. Bear with me as I re-learn how to do watermarks and stuff, but I'm sure it'll be like riding a bike. There's some other new things I want to try out too that I hope you'll like. Tomorrow I'll do a post that will catch things more up to speed through pictures, so stay tuned for that. Thanks for hanging in there too, it's super cool to come back and see that people have still stuck around while I was figuring out how to adult. You're way better than roses. Stupid roses.

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