Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Insta Update

While I was on hiatus I didn't leave my nails bare all the time, although there was multiple instances of cracked and just sad nail polish :(. I did manage to do some nail art belive it or not, but instead of sitting down to do a nice post about it I uploaded it to Instagram. Because fast.

Let's start with the most recent first, because that's the only way Picasa will allow me to upload them.  These nails were done for my senior prom last Saturday. It was Great Gatsby themed, so naturally I went as a 1920's flapper and my date was a gangster. It was fantastic, the best dance experience I've ever had.

These nails I wore to a Giants game over spring break. Nothing really fancy, but that ring though.

I wore this interesting polish to my interview with Polaroid, since it perfectly matched my blazer. It's made by Scotch Naturals and I think it's water based? Whatever it is it makes for interesting removal, but it smells kinda like peanut butter. I might do a review of it just cause it's a strange polish.

Sunny sun! I did these before going to my little brothers baseball game. I got bored halfway through and peeled them off since I used Elmer's glue under the glitter. So these were very short lived.

I saw this makeup look from Chanel on tumblr and knew I needed it on my nails. 'Nuff said.

I did my friend Alyssa's nails for Sadie's, it was a kinda 90's red/blue theme? 

My Super Bowl mani. I watched the game with a house full of Broncos fans, it was very sad.

Red dress and red ruffian for wear a red dress day! This mani actually was actually reposted by a company called Ruffian, thinking I had used their polish (it's Revlon). But the kicker is they linked back to the wrong Instagram account and deleted my comments. Thanks but no thanks guys.

Ah and here you see photo quality before I got my 5c. Good ole Sidekick. I was inspired by 'What Does the Fox Say?' which will probably be that weird song I sing as a grandma. The files are from Mont Bleu, and they work beautifully. I lost the travel sized on on a college visit though. Grr :(.

Besides nail art, there was a copious amount of selfie taking. I think when you feel cute you should document it for times you feel not so cute. And yes I felt cute with a surgical eyepatch on. Red lipstick does wonders.

I also went to San Francisco! It was fantastic, I got to see my Giants play live ^-^. 

Something else that is a bit new to my Instagram, since getting an iPhone and working at Polaroid (where we say everyone is a photographer) I've become very interested in iPhoneography. It's a fun way to express myself without the hassle of heavy equipment, since I love regular photography too. I even met Josh Johnson! So if you want to stay updated with all that stuff follow the Instagram link in my sidebar or go to @haleighbug333. I'll probably do little mini Insta Updates every now and then just for stuff that doesn't get on the blog. Goodnight Internet ☾.

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