Thursday, June 13, 2013

You Are My Tuxedo, and I'm Your Bow-tie

These nails were made for Nailed It's 3D nail art contest, and inspired by Cher Lloyd's song Oath.

This song always reminds me of my best friend (or bist fed as we call each other) Laura. I've known her since 7th grade so thaaat's five years now! She's been with me through my wild endeavors and I've made it through (most) of her crazy ideas unscathed. I dunno if it's common practice to dedicate nail art to somebody, but these were definitely done with her in mind!

 I used:
Pure Ice Magic Base Coat
Stripe Rite Neon Pink
Clair's White and Black Nail Art Pens
Born Pretty Rhinepebbles
Clair's Rhinepebbles
Maybelline Onyx Rush

Dallas, Jessica, Laura, and I before prom :)

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