Friday, June 21, 2013


Whee moar challenges! I swear I'll finish them all. Someday. Possibly.

This new challenge is I <3 Nerds, which I'm totally psyched for because I am a huge nerd. Today's topic isn't my favorite though. Math xP. My absolute worst subject. I guess it at least makes some pretty cute nail art!

I used:
Pure Ice Magic Platinum Base Coat
Clair's Black, Pink, and Blue Nail Art Pens

Anybody know the origins of this post's title? WITHOUT Googleing it?


  1. I have no idea what the origins of the title are, but this is a cool mani! I'm really digging the notebook paper look. :-D
    Feel free to share where the title came from - I'm a big fan of random factoids. ;-)
    Great job with the nail art!! Was it very time consuming? I just did a mani - on both hands - that took somewhere around 3 hrs!! If you wanna see what I'm talking about, it's at :)

  2. This look actually didn't take that long, I only did it on one hand :P Your two handed look is great, I really love the textured roses. They look fantastic on both hands :). As to the title, you can find an explanation here ( if you're interested. Jensen Ackles plays a character on a show I love, and I thought it made for a subtly cheeky title.


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