Friday, May 24, 2013

R-O-C-K Me Again

Hey guys! I'm having a fantastic day off today, today was a staff development day, so teachers go to school and students don't. Hooray! I've had Pandora blasting on the Cher Lloyd station for awhile, and a One Direction song came up that I can't stop listening to now. So I decided to do some nail art for it.

I decided that black and pink are about as rock as I get. Is blue hair rock? It's not a mohawk so probably not. There are reasons why I listen to country.

I used:
Ellagee I've Got a Crush on You
Maybelline Onyx Rush

I'm new to Ellagee polish, but so far my impression is that it's great! The formula handles very well and you don't have to fish around for glitter bits. I've Got a Crush on You is a mixture of square and hexagon glitters of varying sizes, which are pink and silver holographic. It dries slightly matte so I added one coat of Revlon Fast Dry topper to shine it up

Rock on! Or spidey senses?

Also, today is the last day for voting for the Rite Aide Nail Extravaganza! I would really appreciate your vote, every one counts! You can vote by clicking that image in the doodley-doo to the right there. Thanks!

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