Sunday, May 12, 2013

Line Games

So I'm waaay behind on the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge (thanks AP), but I still want to complete each prompt, even if I can't put it into the inlinkz. So here is part two of Lust!

This manicure called for "letting your body talk". Usually my body "talking" means it's lunch time, so I decided that it's meant to mean to just go with whatever strikes your fancy. I picked the purple since it's my best friend's favorite color and Cher Lloyd's song Oath was playing, the black striper was sitting on my desk so I just went with that, then I thought, "Glitter makes pretty much everything awesome," so that happened too. I rather like the result, I should do stuff randomly more often.

I used:
Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac
Clair's Black Striper
Stripe Rite Silver Glitter Striper

Oh yeah, how has your guy's Mothers Day gone? My Mom had to work today so we're celebrating tonight when she gets home. My brother and I made a wine bottle candle for her. We used the string/acetone/fire/ice water method to cut the bottle, and I double boiled old candles for the wax. The results were quite awesome, and we didn't maim ourselves/set anything on fire. Yeah science!

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