Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Non Timebo Mala

Ok so I couldn't just show up after being MIA for so long and just leave you with plain green nails, that would be pretty crappy of me. Day 30 (I think?) of this challenge is inspired by the supernatural, and so what better to do then use the show I got sucked into, Supernatural.

They have this gun that can basically kill anything (deamons, vampires, phoenixes, windegos, ect.), but it was only made with thirteen bullets and after that it's just another plain ole gun. I really like the design on it, all old-fashiony. So I recreated a snippet of the design for my nails.

This is what the gun looks like.

I used:
Sally Hansen Gone Grey
Clair's Black Nail Art Pen

The post title is from an engraving on the barrel, non timebo male. It means, "I fear no evil," in Latin. I'm seriously considering this for a tattoo. In regards to the show Supernatural, I do not recommend it if you value your social life and sleep, if you don't regard those two things as important, knock yourself out and enjoy Jensen's face.

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