Friday, October 19, 2012


 I wish I would have a better picture of you guys, but I did this mani a couple days ago and didn't have time to properly photograph it. Now it's all chipped and smeared with ink (we're using printing presses in art), so it wouldn't make for a very pretty example. 

Photo taken with my iPad to show my boyfriend, I was very proud of the little ghosties.
   These little ghosts made me smile whenever I looked down at my nails for the past couple of days. I really like the little guy on my ring finger, he has character.

Who, me?
   I used Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Black out, and Revlon Spooky Skull. I really liked how Spooky Skull over Black out made the eyes look hollow but with a little glow. Well it's time for these little spirits to go bye-bye, hopefully I'll have the new design up tonight!

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