Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Next Stop: the Twilight Zone

Do do do do do do do do. The Twilight Zone is a classic example of science fiction, starting in 1959. The episodes that stand out the most to me is the one where a lady finds a stopwatch that freezes time, and the one where the English language changes so everybody is saying that Wednesday means a cat and dinosaur means lunch, but one guy isn't apart if the trasition so he's just left extreamly confused. 

At first I was going to do a skittle manicure of the different symbols from the intro, but the spiral was just so much fun to draw that I ended up doing all of my nails like that. I used a white gel pen to draw the spiral, it's much more precise than a nail art brush, and you can wipe it off if you mess up.

I used:
Maybelline Onyx Rush
White Gel Pen

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